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Five countries to become the field of behavioural experiments to encourage energy efficiency habits

Achieving the full energy transition potential calls for a paradigm shift, and many solutions are investigated to involve as much people as possible and support them reducing their energy consumption.   This September 2020, 10 partners gathered...

Towards zero energy buildings in Europe: LowUP Final Conference

LowUP is a European Union project aiming at developing and demonstrating cutting-edge solutions for net-zero energy buildings.   About this Event After 4 years of intense efforts of research, development, and innovation, LowUP partners are happy to...

How to optimise district energy flexibility

Improve efficiency and balance the energy system at the same time!In the district energy networks, there are many ways to utilise cost-effective flexibility.   However, it is a challenge to optimise these more complex systems. The Flexi-Sync project...

Plastic, construction and bio-waste - too valuable to waste

Cities around Europe are piloting and implementing solutions to become more circular. Plastic, construction and bio-waste are three of the waste streams cities are seeking to reduce or reuse due to their environmental impact and socio-economic value...

Kick-off of the Green Solutions Awards 2020-2021

The Construction21 network launches the Green Solutions Awards during the World Green Building Week! In this 8th edition, Construction21 offers committed professionals the opportunity to present their most sustainable projects, to make themselves...

The Future of District Heating in Italy

The Italian District Heating industry has the chance to become a key enabler of the Green Deal Transition, similar to what’s happening in many European countries, after a few years of slow development, that have created the risk to confine it into a...

The Energy Charter Treaty needs updating, but remains a valuable tool for the transition

Last Thursday we published this critique of the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT). Created in the 1990s, the ECT was designed to protect cross-border energy investments from political risk.   Critics now say it is being used to protect fossil fuel...

Launch of a MOOC about building with straw : Building for change - Naturally

Six weeks of free training: time to build sustainably! MOOC Building for change - Naturally: training in straw construction    The MOOC "Building for change - Naturally" is a distance learning course written and designed by European partners in...

Social impact questionnaire about Thermal Storage Systems

European Projects have always had a big impact on society. Today, EU programmes are being implemented everywhere around Europe. And their impact on businesses and communities is bigger than ever before.Please take a moment to fill in the...

How to scale heating and cooling demonstrator projects

Scaling is essential, but also very challenging. Learn more about recommendations and frameworks that will help you successfully scale your heating and cooling demonstrator projects.   As indicated by the many successful demonstrator projects within...