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11th European Forum on Eco-Innovation Working with emerging economies for green growth

Array Support for the development of a green economy is one of the two major themes of the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development set for April 2012 in Brazil. Developed countries have already made considerable efforts in...

9th European Forum on Eco-innovation: « Financing the Eco-Innovators »


Minimising the environmental impact of glass recycling and glass container production


8th European Forum on Eco-Innovation - Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Array According to European Commission figures, more than 99% of all European businesses are SMEs. They provide two out of three of all private-sector jobs and contribute to more than half of the total value-added created by businesses in the EU....

Eco-innovation: Adaptation to Climate Change Through Eco-innovation -7th European Forum on

Array The conference will bring together key policy makers and practitioners in this rapidly developing field to: showcase the best of emerging practice on policy and action at national, regional and local levels; explore the role of eco-...