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Pavlos Vatavalis

Building Technical Manager, European Aluminium Association (Non-profit)

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Innovative facade concepts are today more relevant than ever. The demand for natural ventilation in commercial buildings is increasing due to growing environmental consciousness while at the same time energy consumption for...

Rosenheim Fenstertage 2010


Window energy labeling in cooling season: fenestration and glazed structures - Energy efficiency descriptors for labeling

The thermal and optical behavior of a fenestration system can be described with the following parameters: • Thermal transmittance coefficient or heat transfer coefficient (U-value), • Solar transmittance coefficient or solar heat gain coefficient...

Windows, Doors, Curtain Walls

The impact of Windows on the energy performance of buildings is increased with the reduction of the energy demand. In the past windows influenced only 20-30% the energy demand of buildings but in low energy buildings windows have already an...