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What is Topic of the Month?


In Build Up we want that everyone feels involved. That is what the Topic of the Month is for, so all the community can contribute with articles, events and much more under the same topic. 


This month of December our topic is 'Renovation of existing buildings​'​​.


Which content is related to the topic?

  • Deep renovation: paradigm and technology packages for historic and existing residential building cases
  • Deep renovation technology packages
  • User/ Building interactions, User behaviour, user motivation
  • Build Value, co-benefits and externalities
  • Owner vs tenants dilemma in building deep renovation decision process
  • Technical - economic - politic approach for supporting building stock renovation
  • Construction skills for tomorrow's energy efficient buildings
  • EPBD and related EU directives
  • National nZEB penetration and building stock renovation (transformation) plan
  • Restorative and regenerative building: overall design, construction approach


Here you have the remarkable contributions of this month:



Overview Articles


theodore.jpgAn introduction to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a methodology that has been developed to evaluate the environmental impact of buildings, with respect to their processes, their materials and use (energy) throughout the whole life cycle of a building. It is not to be confused with Life Cycle Costs which instead focuses on cost reduction, especially interesting when embarking in the design and construction of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEBs).





KLIMAHOUSE 2020. Its strategic location at the heart of the Alps makes it the perfect meeting point for companies to exchange ideas, innovations and insights on the latest trends on energy-efficient and sustainable construction. Klimahouse positioned itself as the leading trade show on sustainable construction in all of Italy.


WEBINAR - BIM for manufacturers: alternative ways to promote products in BIM. As a manufacturer, you probably ask yourself how to attract designers' attention, how to increase their interest and thus the use of your products in many projects or how to increase sales. You can easily and quickly convince designers to actively use your BIM libraries in their projects.


CONSTRUCTION 4.0 Conference. This day, dedicated to Construction 4.0, is organized in partnership with the AdN, the CCW and the CSTC, Build4Wal and benefits from an organizing committee representative of the various construction trades.





The Templater tool. The Templater tool is been conceived by BRE in order to facilitate the implementation of BIM data standards across the asset lifecycle. This is achieved by providing a free to list opportunity for manufacturers and a free to access for Designers, Constructors, Owners, Operators and Maintainers.


Webinar on the STUNNING project: conclusions and important results for promoting energy-efficient building renovation. The goal of the EU’s H2020 STUNNING project is to promote successful and innovative building-renovation packages and business models around a virtual and collaborative knowledge-sharing platform. The STUNNING Renovation Hub aims to accelerate their adoption.





theodore.jpgBuilding energy epidemiology as a tool to support European building energy performance improvement. Read the interview to Ian Hamilton, an Associate Professor at the UCL Energy Institute, University College London, UK. His research is focused on the nexus between energy supply-demand in buildings, indoor and urban environmental conditions, and health and climate change.


theodore.jpgTime to act as global energy efficiency progress drops to slowest rate since start of decade. Energy efficiency has tremendous potential to boost economic growth and avoid greenhouse gas emissions, but the global rate of progress is slowing – a trend that has major implications for consumers, businesses and the environment, according to a new report by the International Energy Agency.


theodore.jpg Building renovations: social aid to accept the change. When energy-saving measures are planned in social housing buildings, the environmental aim is combined with the scope of reducing inequality. In Zaragoza, Spain, a team of social workers is helping the tenants of a multi-family building to accept a challenging refurbishment





resalta.jpgThe EU Building Stock Observatory needs your help! Whilst the database measures energy efficiency indicators of the EU built stock, we are looking towards the public to help contribute to this important project by filling out an online survey. The survey focuses on the building occupied by the respondent to characterise the built stock, understand energy performance and energy renovations.



Drivers Of The Energy Transition: Why Do Property Owners Decide To Renovate? In order to understand what are the drivers that motivate property owners to carry out these projects, here is an interview to Hardi Kolli, a co-owner from the Apartment Owners Association “Rannaliiva”, in Võru (Estonia). Rannaliiva building is one of the three EU funded RenoZEB project sites.


resalta.jpgTaxonomy technical report. This document sets out the results of the work to date undertaken by the Technical Expert Group (TEG) on Sustainable Finance in relation to the development of an EU classification system for environmentally sustainable economic activities (hereafter ‘Taxonomy’). 






Bexel Consulting Applied Integrated BIM Approach for Large Hotel and Resort Project. Bexel Consulting is a high-tech, construction and engineering consultancy company. They designed, built, and constructed the Sensatori and Nickelodeon Hotels and Resorts. This beachfront resort, placed on the east coast of Dominican Republic, features 460 suites.


theodore.jpgWorld's tallest Passive House: high-rise Bolueta (Bilbao-Spain). The developers and architects of this project have set very high goals. With the Bolueta building, they wanted to set a new Passive House record and at the same time ensure the quality of the building through certification. Bolueta is now the tallest Passive House building in the world.





theodore.jpgGEOENVI project. This project aims at answering environmental concerns in terms of both impacts and risks, by first setting an adapted methodology for assessing environment impacts to the project developers, and by assessing the environmental impacts and risks of geothermal projects operational or in development in Europe.


theodore.jpgCINDERELA project. project aims to develop a new Circular Economy Business Model (CEBM) for use of secondary raw materials (SRM) in urban areas, connecting different industries, the construction sector and municipal services, decision makers and the general public with the support of CinderOSS, a “One-Stop-Shop” service.



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