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Post date: 1 jul 2020
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Call for Papers – 6th International Congress on Energy Efficiency and Energy Related Materials   IMPORTANT DATES 01 Abstract Submission Deadline: June 29, 2020 02 Deadline for all Oral Presentation to be paid August 24, 2020 03 Notification of Acceptance, within 1-3 weeks after the receipt of abstract04 Full text submission is available between  October 01- November  01, 2020    Topics  
Post date: 24 jun 2020
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The building is used as a residential, and the aim of the renovation has been the conservation of the ancient walls of the medieval castle, considering modern comfort standards with the target of achieving a building ad a high standard of energy efficiency, (i.e. the NZEB standard).  
Post date: 23 jun 2020
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We are just beginning to rebuild Europe after a period of unprecedented economic, social and personal turmoil. With this spirit of renaissance in our hearts, there has never been a better time to rethink and renovate the buildings that shelter us. Creating a renovation wave in Europe now is key to any economic recovery and will be central to getting the EU back on its feet.  
Post date: 22 jun 2020
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Next Tuesday 23rd June from 14:30 – 15:45 and as part of the EUSEW policy conference, DG-ENER is organising a session on “Boosting the European Green Deal renovation wave - a centrepiece of the Green Deal and an engine for recovery – How the Renovation Wave can help in the recovery process and ensure the EU can achieve its climate and energy objectives”.  
Post date: 19 jun 2020
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From small medieval towns in Italy to the elegant nineteenth-century boulevards in Paris; from the zen Buddhist temples in Kyoto to the colourful cathedrals of Mexico’s colonial cities: buildings reflect our culture and need to be preserved to tell our grandchildren the same story they told our fathers.  
Post date: 19 jun 2020
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27 European heads of state are discussing the Commission’s proposal for a €1.85 trillion COVID-19 recovery budget. It is a huge sum: €1.1 trillion from the member states themselves and €750 billion to be borrowed on the capital markets. But it is dwarfed by something which is all around us and which we take for granted: buildings.  
Post date: 17 jun 2020
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Our homes are essential for a successful society. They provide shelter and a safe space from which all of us, individually and collectively, can take part. But those homes need to be fit for purpose. They need to be ready for the challenges we face over the coming decades.  
Post date: 15 jun 2020
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2030 Palette is a database of sustainable design principles, strategies and resources easily accessible for supporting new projects and renovations.   Why the 2030 Palette?  
Post date: 12 jun 2020
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The contest was aimed at a BBC 2005 Effinergie consumption level. We have reached the Passive level for the Media Library.  
Post date: 9 jun 2020
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