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Task 59´s Autumn newsletter is out!   The International Energy Agency's IEA-SHC Task 59: Renovating Historic Buildings towards zero energy (HistoricNZEB) showcases examples of how historic buildings from across the world can be renovated to allow substantial reductions in energy use and associated carbon dioxide emissions, while safeguarding the buildings’ cultural significance.  
Post date: 16 nov 2020
Type: Nyheter

The 5th newsletter of TripleA-reno project is out!   Contents include: TripleA-reno Toolbox session: A lively exchange on what makes deep renovation Attractive – Acceptable – Affordable An Open Gamified Platform supporting deep renovation and a friend for municipalities Introducing the TripleA-reno Combined Labelling Scheme: a resource for public buildings
Post date: 10 nov 2020
Type: Nyheter

The European Construction Sector Observatory (ECSO) was set up in 2015 to regularly analyse and carry out comparative assessments of the construction sector in all EU countries towards these objectives. It aims to keep EU policymakers and stakeholders up to date on market conditions and policy developments.  
Post date: 9 nov 2020
Type: Nyheter

EEIP is a free, neutral and open business and policy platform for the energy transition.   At its core is the idea that the energy transition requires more than technical solutions but sound business cases, and that market growth can be accelerated through information and best practice exchange.  
Post date: 6 nov 2020
Type: Länk

The 10th edition of our Expert talk hosts Adrian Joyce, Secretary General of EuroACE and Campaign Director of the Renovate Europe Campaign, which was initiated by EuroACE in 2011 in order to stop energy waste in buildings.   Its ambition is to reduce the energy demand of the building stock in the EU by 80% by 2050 as compared to 2005.  
Post date: 5 nov 2020
Type: Länk

This tool has been eveloped within the H2020 project EnerGAware with the scope of decreasing energy consumption and emissions to increase the affordable housing tenants’ understanding and engagement in energy efficiency.   To cope the issue, the project developed serious game, the Energy Cat Game, where the player will take the role of a cat who dreams about living in the house of tomorrow : a house both energy efficient and comfortable.
Post date: 2 nov 2020
Type: Tool

The Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs are inviting experts in the building construction value chain to take part in a survey and give their views on using circular economy principles in the design of buildings.   The results will contribute to defining circular economy policies that could be implemented as part of the EU’s Circular Economy Action Plan.  
Post date: 22 okt 2020
Type: Nyheter

Within the eCentral project, which aims to enhance the energy efficiency of public buildings by supporting public authorities to define efficient renovation measures and financial instruments, a survey on these topics has been launced in order to understand the level of knowledge of these instruments from public administrations (e.g. owners) and from practitioners.
Post date: 20 okt 2020
Type: Nyheter

FACE (Façade Architecture, Construction and Engineering) course provides insights into the contemporary market and value chain of the façade industry, enabling technical designers and consultants to manage complex projects both at organizational and technical level. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE OPENING EVENT:   • Outstanding case studies  
Post date: 16 okt 2020
Type: Händelse

Darmstadt, Germany. This year the final applause was shared in the chat window: the participants expressed their appreciation for the 24th International Passive House Conference, which was held asan online event for the first time on account of the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past three weeks,more than 800 participants around the world tuned in and listened to the lectures on energy efficient construction and retrofit solutions from their own screens.  
Post date: 15 okt 2020
Type: Nyheter