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NEEAPS are intended to stimulate the translation of energy savings objectives into concrete measures and actions at the level of each Member State, create dialogue between the Commission and Member States and set implementation milestones. For the purpose of the first NEEAP each Member State should have adopted an overall national indicative savings target of 9 % or higher, to be achieved and measured in 2016 and an intermediate national indicative savings target to be achieved in 2010.
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The Covenant of Mayors Office is pleased to inform you that the first issue of the Covenant of Mayors newsletter is available. More than 500 cities, representing over 80 million citizens, are now part of the initiative. In the first edition of the newsletter we look at the reasons why so many cities have decided to join. Furthermore, this issue provides the latest news on the following topics:
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The ultimate objective of the EFONET Project is to provide the European Commission (EC) with inputs for the formulation, review and evaluation of European energy strategies.
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Newsletter is a quarterly newsletter/journal. The aim with the newsletter is to present heat pump technology, markets and market development, and information from annexes in the Programme. The newsletter is presented in a full version and in a short version, an e-newsletter. The e-newsletter contains short summaries of articles and news and the e-newsletter can easily be handed out and distributed to a large audience. The interested readers can turn to the full version of the newsletter for the complete articles.
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The Ecobuildings project BRITA in PuBs was started in May 2004 to increase the market penetration of innovative and effective retrofit solutions in order to improve energy efficiency and implement renewables with moderate additional costs. As main topic the exemplary retrofit of 8 demonstration public buildings in the four participating European regions (North, Central, South, East) was realised. By choosing public buildings of different types such as colleges, cultural centres, nursing homes, university buildings and churches etc.
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