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Learning bites on green and digital skills for the built environment

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ARISE project

Upskilling in the design and construction industry

Join us at this hybrid event on the 8th of March in Brussels at the Faculté d'Architecture La Cambre Horta-ULB!

The architecture and the construction of the built environment evolve and remodel to correspond to the development and changes of the moment in history we live. New ways of living, new technologies, and new construction techniques require new skills and knowledge from professionals in the field.


To date, green and digital transformation are the two main driving forces in the design and construction sector. Climate change has made mandatory sustainable, circular, and energy-efficient renovation and new constructions. Cloud storage, digital design tools such as BIM, and virtual reality provide new ways of working. The internet of things (IoT), building automation, artificial intelligence, and smart assistants facilitate and change the ways we live, work, and play.


The new demands of an ever-changing work environment lead also to the development of new ways of teaching and learning. Professionals upskilling needs to be easily available, engaging through gamification, and direct through task-based learning content developed into micro units. 


In this context, ARISE project in collaboration with Faculté d'Architecture La Cambre Horta ULB and Netwerk Architecten Vlaanderen (NAV), has organized this event to present opportunities for professional upskilling and Continous Professional Development (CPD) for architects. Learn about NAV architectural training initiatives in Belgium, and participate in ARISE micro-learning pilot module in BIM. Hear about the European funding opportunities in professional upskilling and ARISE work on a European qualification framework on green and energy skills for design and construction professionals.


For more information access the agenda here.


Register for the event here.  

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