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The ENI CBC Med BEEP project has just finished and one of its main outcome is the development of guidelines for the energy renovation and environmental improvement of public historic buildings through the use of Heritage Building Information Modelling (HBIM) and a simulation-based approach.  
Post date: 26 Jan 2023
Type: Publication

SINFONIA project has reached successful results with the deep retrofits in Innsbruck and Bozen. The interventions allowed substancial heating energy savings, with an average of 77% saved in the projects in Innsbruck, and also a substancial improvement of thermal comfort.  
Post date: 13 Jan 2023
Type: News

Are you interested in learning how to quantify the carbon emissions associated with your building designs?
Post date: 3 Jan 2023
Type: Event

The 26th In­ter­na­tion­al Pass­ive House Con­fer­en­ce will take place 10-12 March 2023 in Wies­baden, Ger­many.  
Post date: 22 Dec 2022
Type: Event

In recent years Passivhaus standards have become more and more viable, even though they have existed from the 1990s.
Post date: 20 Dec 2022
Type: News

In a few days on Dec. 15th on 11am it will take place the Final EPC4SES Conference. A two-hours event in which all partners from the project will participate ( Energy- and Environmental-Consulting e.U., SEnerCon GmbH, Cleopa GmbH, Wellness TechGroup, Fachhochschule Salzburg and Vestlandsforsking) and give a final overview on the project activities and general findings. Join it on December 15!  
Post date: 12 Dec 2022
Type: Event

Residence of 16 passive dwellings with all comforts and very low charges for the social landlord Vilogia in Roncq on the former site of Actival II, a former cloth weaving mill which merged in 1965 with the Ets Motte-Dewavrin.   Thermal envelope Exterior wall: Concrete 2,000 200 Mineral wool 0,035 300 Brick 1,000 100 U-value = 0.162 W/(m2K)  
Post date: 11 Dec 2022
Type: Case

SENSEI, a project supported by the Horizon 2020 funding programme, enables energy efficiency to be rewarded as an energy resource and a new grid service while turning the energy efficiency retrofit project value into an investable asset for private financing. It combines pay-for-performance (P4P) arrangements with the Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) model, making buildings more energy-efficient and attractive for third-party investors.   AGENDA Welcome, Filippos Anagnostopoulos, IEECP
Post date: 6 Dec 2022
Type: Event

Consumers can find detailed information about energy labelled products and models in EPREL. It offers the possibility to identify which products have the best cost-efficiency ratio for a specific need. Information on other aspects than a product’s energy use, such as its possible water consumption, noise emission, extension of the warranty, availability of spare parts, duration or product support, is also provided.  
Post date: 4 Dec 2022
Type: Tool

Conference Scope As we spend most of our time in commercial and residential facilities, it is important for our society to look at how these spaces impact the environment and the people in them. This task is important for building and facility managers, maintenance managers, energy managers as well as expert and researcher concerned with adopting sustainable and healthy practices for an organization.  
Post date: 29 Nov 2022
Type: Event